What's broken doesn't define you.
The choices you make do.

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of rebuilding pottery with a gold resin.  These cracks are not proof of trauma, but of resiliency and growth.  


Support That Makes a Difference

You’ve taken the first steps on beginning the process of overhauling your mental life; whatever it is you want to change we can work on it together. You are not defined by your mental health but often our mental health defines us; we’ll work on outlining a new playbook so we can put you back in control. 


The first step is always the hardest and that’s behind you; next we’ll work together to rebuild bit by bit. Struggles determine success. Congratulations on facing your struggles.  Now let’s apply these struggles and write your new story.

Do you wonder?...

Why does it seem that everyone else has it together and I don’t?

Is this really my fault?

Am I really unlikable?

When will people find out that I’m a fraud?

Am I going to feel this way forever?

Everyone’s process is different; we will tailor your treatment plan to meet your needs. Some people need to meet once a week, some people need to meet once a month. With EMDR (eye-movement desensitization reprocessing) we will be able to help you develop insight which you may have been previously unaware of.

I’m clinically trained to work in the real world with real people.  We have all experienced struggle and I understand the importance of connecting with a real person. After years of clinical training I have figured out that the best way to treat someone is to embrace and accept people for who they are without judgement. 


After you schedule your first session we can decide what suits you best; we can meet for one hour or longer as often as we deem necessary. Everyone is different and so is your treatment plan.

We cover our traumas with addiction, anger, discontentment and unhealthy attachments because in the moment this seems like an easy choice; ingest this, do that, hurt them and our traumas will stop rearing its ugly heads. What if instead of your traumas being the story, they are a byline? 


It’s society that is messed up not you but that doesn’t mean we can’t strive to make ourselves better. Don’t limit yourself to how others see you. Together we can challenge the status quo, we grow up believing that we have to conform to the world but in a world with so many expectations we need a place where we can be yourselves. 

Imagine yourself taking another course of action, instead of reactive as you become proactive, taking charge of your life.  Of course this is the harder road, a bit less traveled. It requires not only self-reflection but it requires time and dedication. However, you don’t have to walk this road alone. We can do it together.

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