What's broken doesn't define you.
The choices you make do.

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of rebuilding pottery with a gold resin.  These cracks are not proof of trauma, but of resiliency and growth.  


Support That Makes a Difference

You’ve taken the first steps on beginning the process of overhauling your mental life; whatever it is you want to change we can work on it together. You are not defined by your mental health but often our mental health defines us; we’ll work on outlining a new playbook so we can put you back in control. 


The first step is always the hardest and that’s behind you; next we’ll work together to rebuild bit by bit. Struggles determine success. Congratulations on facing your struggles.  Now let’s apply these struggles and write your success.

It makes perfect sense that you're feeling this way.  2020 and 2021 have been identified as a time of "collective trauma". We are experiencing similar anxiety provoking circumstances: crisis of health, loss of income, uncertainty, isolation, guilt and death. Divorce rates are up. Addiction statistics are sky rocketing. We're in the middle of experiencing trauma and many of us can't recognize the symptoms. And if we do, we feel hopeless and helpless. We're not. We need connection. We need to be reminded of our shared and personal humanity. Whatever is troubling you, you've done this alone for long enough. I can help.

Do you wonder?...

Why does it seem that everyone else has it together and I don’t?

Is this really my fault?

Am I really unlikable?

When will people find out that I’m a fraud?

Am I going to feel this way forever?

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