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Intensive Program


EMDR & Hypnosis is not just for trauma; it is also used for performance enhancement to excel in areas such as addiction, athletics, business, and relationships.

Why take months when it could take days?

The traditional model of weekly psychotherapy is shifting to meet your needs. Now more than ever, we need flexibility in how we get support.

• Intensives are personalized treatment plans that allow you to skip the waitlist by giving you faster access to select spots, and are designed to support your preferred schedule and timeline for your treatment goals.

• Perhaps you’re needing help - right now, and you don’t want to spend months in the traditional weekly model of therapy treatment to feel better.

• Intensive EMDR treatment is feasible and is indicative of reliable improvement in PTSD symptoms in a very short time frame. 

• Compared to traditional therapy, the intensive format is designed to decrease treatment time and money spent, because of time not spent on a) checking in at the beginning of each session, b) addressing current crises and concerns, c) focusing on stabilizing and coping skills that the client won’t need after healing, or d) assisting the client in regaining composure at the end of the session. Learn more here.


As a Certified EMDR and Hypnosis Clinician highly trained in complex and developmental trauma, I believe in clinical excellence.

By providing relationally-focused EMDR and Hypnosis, along with advanced psychotherapy methods (e.g. complex developmental trauma, attachment theory, neuroscience, CBT, ego states, somatic experiencing), we partner to:

  • Discover the origins of limiting beliefs in order to update old narratives about how you get to show up in the world, who you are, and what you deserve

  • Alleviate anxiety, depression, and trauma symptoms through a positive, growth-oriented process grounded in the philosophy that everyone is seeking wholeness

My passion is utilizing the powerful benefits of EMDR and Hyposis with clients who are ready to live without anxiety, depression, dissociation, phobias, addiction, and post-traumatic stress.



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