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If you are struggling with addiction you might think that you are to blame. We are here to help you realize that addiction is a complex disease that stems from multiple factors, and is often out of your control. Like any illness or disease addiction requires individualized treatment not just for the symptoms but for the root causes.


Addiction doesn’t suddenly start on it’s own; it is often the symptom of a deeper issue. Feeding your addiction becomes your coping strategy; this is a biological process. When we perform addictive behaviors or abuse substances our brain rewards us for partaking in this behavior thus driving the addiction deeper and deeper. The circuits in our brains provide us with a rush of positive feelings and feel good chemicals. This causes the areas of the brain that are responsible for coping with stress and exerting self-control to undergo long-term changes. 


Whether you are striving to break a chemical or behavioral addiction, we are here to help with different therapy styles that will be tailored to meet your needs. When you are ready for a change we are here to help. 

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