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We all experience some kind of trauma. Our society will try to put those experiences into categories making some of us feel like our experiences are not “big” enough to be considered traumatic. Trauma can come in many forms, it can be self-inflicted, inflicted by our communities, or loved ones. Trauma can be emotional, physical and psychological resulting in leaving you feeling helpless against the forces of the world. 


Any experience that leaves you feeling unsafe, overwhelmed and isolated can result in trauma and leave you feeling frightened and helpless. Trauma can stem from one time events, ongoing stressors or other life experiences like the loss of a loved one. Trauma can also occur on a global or national scale. 


We all react to trauma in different ways; your reactions are not normal or abnormal.  When bad things happen it can take time to restore your sense of safety, we will work together to give you the support you need to help you heal. 

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